Now here’s a headscratcher ???


US mum Lauren Ashcraft was recently slated online over photos of her 9-month-old son Liam.

All because she’d decided to swap cake for McDonald’s cheeseburgers in a 'cake smash'-style photoshoot.

It was all, really, part of an inside joke with her photographer friend Laura Stennett – but once the pictures came out and were shared publicly on Facebook, all hell broke lose.

“They were shaming Lauren as a mother and vilifying me as a photographer for allowing ‘an innocent baby’ to be surrounded by McDonald’s cheeseburgers,” Laura told The Huffington Post US.

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“Obviously nobody is going to feed an 8-month-old infant 20 cheeseburgers. Because, you know, common sense,” Lauren added – noting that the burgers were just a prop.

“[But] I had one lady go as far as to post his pictures publicly and tell me that thanks to me my son was going to die.

“Other attacks were ‘diabetes and heart disease by 2’ and ‘GREAT PARENTING.’”

The duo, who received an endless amount of hate mail over the snaps, even revealed that baby Liam only ate the pickles from the burgers on the day of the shoot.

But they decided to respond to their critics – by way of another photoshoot with Liam’s twin sister, Lola.

This time, instead of a ‘burger smash’, it would be a ‘vegetable and various other health foods’ smash.

cake smash

Doesn’t quite have the same ring, does it? Well, it managed to keep the haters quiet…

Now for the elephant in the room: how is this the first time this issue’s come up? Why were people, suddenly, so up in arms about snaps like these?

Cake smash shoots have been popular for aaaaages, yet a Jam Sponge or a Lemon Drizzle is hardly much healthier than a cheeseburger!

Images: Facebook/Laura Stennett Photography

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