Mum spends £30,000 on baby daughter

Pampered Nicole Davis has a wardrobe worth £2,000 as her parents splash out on the must have designer baby goods


If you thought that babies with a designer wardrobe fit to burst was just a celebrity thing, (yes, we mean Suri Cruise and her £2 million closet!) think again as a couple from Winchester, Hants have splashed out £30,000 on their baby daughter – in just 4 months!


The shopaholic parents have flashed the cash on daughter Nicole Davis, who now owns four pairs of £50 Ugg boots, £600 worth of babygros and 12 exclusively designed outfits tallying up to £2,000. Despite shelling out thousands of pounds a month kitting their daughter out in designer gear that she doesn’t even know she’s wearing, mum Lisa is determined to keep on spending.

“Friends think I’m crazy because I spoil her so much but I don’t care, I want her to have the best of everything,” mum Lisa told the Daily Star. “I don’t see myself cutting back on the spending – if she needs something I will have to get it for her.”

Little Nicole not only has a wardrobe most adults could only dream of, she also sleeps in a £2,226 bespoke crib covered in £2,000 worth of bedding.

With Christmas around the corner, we can imagine that baby Nicole’s tree will be full to the brim with gifts from her doting parents…


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