Mum spends entire wage on daughter’s dance costumes

Kim Priestman spends thousands of pounds to buy extravagant costumes for her 10-year-old Dione


A mum is spending thousands of pounds on her 10-year-old’s dance costumes and has been for nearly four years!


“Everyone knows the more glam the girls look, the better they will do. Plain girls don’t get noticed by the judges,” said mum Kim Priestman, 33.

Kim spends thousands a year on sparkly headdresses, false eye-lashes and carnival-like leotards that make her daughter Dione look more like a Vegas showgirl than a freestyle dance champion.

Working in a local school as a dinner lady, Kim’s £6,000-a-year wage all goes towards lessons, costumes, competition entry fees, travel and accommodation. Dione trains for around 10 hours a week through a mixture of dance classes and private lessons at one of the best dance studios in the north of England, with mum Kim driving her daughter around.

Despite Dione dancing this way since she was 6, Kim doesn’t feel there’s a problem with her daughter’s tiny Vegas-esque costumes, big feather headdresses and full make-up.

“There is nothing sexual about it. It’s just about being glam, athletic and having some fun. Dione loves it and if she didn’t, we wouldn’t let her do it,” said Kim, reports the Daily Mail.

“To be honest, I’d prefer it if all the girls just wore plan black leotards and had their hair tied back in ponytails, because it’s supposed to be about the dancing, isn’t it?” said dad Lee, a civil engineer.

However times have changed in the dance competition world, with many strict rules imposed to stop the sexualisation of young children – according to Kim, fake tan has been banned for the under-8s.

“Dione is in a secure and safe location when she dances at these competitions. We are doing this for her, because she enjoys it, not us,” said Kim.

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