Mum stopped from buying Christmas crackers in case her 6-year-old got hurt

Another crackers health and safety law in time for the festive period?


A mum who went to the shops to pick-up some Christmas crackers was shocked when the shop assistant refused the sale as her six-year-old daughter was with her, reports today’s Metro newspaper.


Lisa Innes, 36, from Suffolk, was told because her daughter, Tia-Rose had passed the assistant the box of crackers at the till, it would be illegal to sell the mum and daughter the crackers in case Tia-Rose was hurt by the snaps inside them.

A spokesman for the shop in Stowmarket, Suffolk, defended the shop assistant, blaming new regulations that make the sale of Christmas crackers illegal for under 16s in case they get hurt by the explosives in the crackers.

Mum Lisa says she couldn’t believe what she was hearing when she got to the tills, and had to look after Tia-Rose who got very upset, thinking her mum would be sent to prison for her ‘illegal’ behaviour.


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