Mum stopped from buying plastic scissors for toddler

Staff at WH Smith refused to let a mum buy a pair of scissors in case her three-year-old used them


Mum, Nadine Martin was refused a pair of scissors in a WH Smith store by a shop assistant who was worried she would let her 3-year-old daughter use them unsupervised.


Nadine was shopping in the Chichester branch of WH Smith when her daughter picked up a pair of children’s scissors marked ‘3+’ and put them on the counter next to her mum’s items ready to pay.

The shop assistant then asked Nadine if she would be supervising her daughter when she used them.

“She called another woman over and said it was company policy that because my daughter had put the scissors on the counter, it called into question whether she would be supervised using them,” explained Nadine. “I can’t believe a parent can’t buy plastic scissors. There was a queue of about four people and it was embarrassing.

In an act of protest, Nadine left the shop without buying any items.


A spokesman for WH Smith commented that customer safety “is of paramount important to us” but admitted on this occasion the staff member may have been “a little overzealous.”

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