Now, we have to say here at MFM HQ this case really, really got us talking - a LOT.


A story in the Daily Mail reveals that the 26-year-old mum (from Nottingham) of a little boy is to sue the GP who carried out a circumcision on her little boy because she didn't give her consent for the operation.

An assault claim is currently being pursued by Saimo Chahal, a human rights lawyer, who says: "This mother clearly did not consent to her son undergoing the circumcision procedure, which could constitute a criminal offence."

Firstly, we have to say we don't know whether the circumcision was carried out for religious - or other - reasons.

We also can't help but wonder if this case would have been talked about differently if it was the mum who had allowed the circumcision while the dad objected.

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But what we can see is that, while the dad clearly gave the go ahead, the mum didn't (the couple are separated) - and what happens in cases like this when parents just can't agree?

Who decides on what happens - and how is it decided?

What happens if you're separated, for example, and one parent allows a doctor to give their child antibiotics if they get ill, while another doesn't agree that they should have them?

Or if one parent is in favour of vaccinations while another isn't?

And possibly just as jarring for some, though perhaps less serious - what if dad (or mum) chooses to get their little one's ears pierced/hair cut when their child is with them and the other parent doesn't approve?

Lots of tough questions there, right?

Of course, the best situation is when parents can put their differences aside and agree to do what's right for the child.

Sometimes it might mean one parent conceding on an issue they don't agree with because they know it will mean a lot to the estranged partner; a bit of give and take can probably go a long way in these situations.

But where things really can't be resolved - and professionals like doctors might be nervous to take a certain course of action because permission hasn't come from both sides - does it mean lawyers need to get involved?

What do you think?

Have you and your partner (separated or not) ever disagreed on big issues around your child? How did you resolve your differences? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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