Mum takes 50 photos a day to remember her son

Short-term memory loss makes mum forget son in just a few hours


Katie Booth takes more than 50 photos of her 3-year-old each day to make sure she doesn’t forget him. The memory-loss mum developed an aneurism while 4 and a half months pregnant with her son, Elliot, leaving her unable to remember things after just a few hours.


To combat her forgetfulness, Katie takes more than 50 photos each day of her and Elliot’s activities.

“I carry them with me at all times and have a to-do list that tells me everything from who I’ve spoken to on the phone that day to what’s in my fridge so I don’t buy the weekly shop twice,” the 34-year-old explained.

Katie had been experiencing a totally normal pregnancy in Spain, where she and her fiancé Jonathan Roberts had moved. “One day I had a terrible migraine,” Katie remembers. “When Johnathan came home I was in such a state. Within a few hours I was vomiting and screaming in pain. My side and gone stiff and I was in and out of consciousness.”

Katie was rushed to hospital and had an emergency 10-hour operation. Miraculously, Katie and unborn baby Elliot pulled through and Katie gave birth by caesarean several months later.

It was only when the family left hospital that they realised how bad Katie’s memory had become.

“Because I was young they were confident that, given time, it would heal. Your memory is something that is easy to take for granted but I didn’t have that luxury any more. I treasured all my moments with Elliot but it was petrifying to know I was missing out on so much,” Katie said. She began to cover the house in photos of Elliot and keep a photo diary on her phone of everything they got up to during the day.

“Some people would think they are just boring – pictures of Elliot standing in the playground or sitting in a supermarket trolley – but for me they’re my lifeline,” she explained. “But I try to look on the bright side whenever I can. I just have to make sure I keep taking photographs so that I don’t forget how lucky I am.”

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