A mum in America has said she's been threatened with a letter from a group of parents who were furious at the fact that her young son had told all of their kids in his class that Santa wasn't real.


Mums and dads of other children at the school, aged between 4 and 10, are more than a little bit disgruntled and have threatened to sue 'due to emotional damage, flagrant disregard to parental rights, and facilitating the loss of innocence of child wonderment'.


The mum posted on Reddit:

"Today via courier (not the mail), I received a rather threatening letter from a well-known, local, elite law firm threatening suit due to emotional damage, flagrant disregard to parental rights, and facilitating the loss of innocence of child wonderment. Yeah, seriously.

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"I should mention that one of the kids is related to a lawyer at this law firm, I believe a brother of one of the angry mums works there.

"Here is the icing on the cake, in lieu of suit, the letter states that I need to pay for a fully interactive 'Santa experience' whereby a hired Santa will be hosted at one of the kids houses where he hands out presents (at my expense), sings songs with all 8 kids, and offers general Christmas cheer.

"The purpose of this is to 'reverse the damage my son caused and re-spark the child like wonderment that surrounds the holidays."


Now there IS a twist to this tale: the single mum was appealing for help as she didn't have the money to pay for the Santa experience (let's face it, who does, right?), and a fair few doubters on social media asked to see the letter before they'd believe what she said.

Whatever the truth behind the story, it has definitely got the MadeForMums team talking about how to deal with that 'Mummy, is Santa real???' question which lots of us parents may well be facing over the next few weeks.

We reckon one of the best ways to handle it is to ask your child in return: 'What do YOU think?' This way, you can gauge from their answer whether they really want to know or not. Nice, eh?

Now, how many days is it till Christmas?...

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