Best personalised Santa letters and messages – tried and tested

Personalised letters, online videos, phone calls, Zoom calls and even text messages - find out how to get Father Christmas to send your child a message, how much it will cost and when you need to do it


1. Royal Mail Letter From Father Christmas


What is it? Working tirelessly from its seasonal post office in Reindeerland, the Royal Mail is once again providing a free letter from Santa.

How it works: Anyone can get a special Christmas message from Saint Nick by writing him a letter and sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Santa/Father Christmas, 
Santa’s Grotto,
 XM4 5HQ .

In the letter make sure you (or your child if they are writing it), include their name, gender, what they’d like for Christmas and whether they have been good this year.

What you get: A personal reply in the post to your letter from Father Christmas.

Last order date: Letters need to be received by Friday 11th December to be in time for this service.

However, the Royal Mail explains it is a free perk from a very busy postal service, and it can’t guarantee a reply to all letters.

Price: It will cost you the price of a first-class stamp, which you put on the self-addressed envelope you send to Santa.

2. NSPCC Letter From Santa

What is it? Children’s charity NSPCC has created a Santa letter website service that allows you to create their own letter from Santa.

How it works: It takes less than 5 minutes to do.

On the website you choose from 8 differently illustrated letters from Santa. There are a variety of themes with colourful festive illustrations including the Toy Workshop, Winter Wonderland and The Elf Cup Final.

You can add a number of personalised details to the letter, including the name of their best friend or a family member, their favourite activity, plus you can choose whether the letter should come from Santa or Father Christmas.

The letters can be sent in English and Welsh, and it also has a letter for baby’s first Christmas.

Last order date: You’ll need to complete your order by Monday 14th December if you live in the UK, or by 3rd December if you’re elsewhere in Europe or overseas.

Price: There is a suggested donation price of £5 per letter, to help cover postage costs, but you can donate as much as you like and 90 percent of the money goes directly to the charity.

3. Tailored Xmas Message

What is it? is a website that provides communications from Santa in the form of either a letter, live call, text or Santa sack.

How it works: You add some personal details about your child on to the website, and you’re then able to order a personalised message from Santa wishing your child a merry Christmas.

What you get: If you go for a letter, you’ll receive one in the post from Father Christmas in which he talks to your child by name, mentions what they enjoying doing as well as specific family members or pets.

It comes on festive blue and white stationery and a free Christmas Eve door hanger to welcome Father Christmas into your home.

You can also chose to have a live call with Santa over the phone or on Zoom any day in December (including Christmas Eve), as well as a text.

And for an extra special treat, you can buy a personalised Santa sack which reads ‘Special delivery for…’ followed by your child’s name.

Last order date: The personalised letters are guaranteed to be delivered up to Sunday 22nd December, so we’d say try and get your order in as soon as possible to guarantee delivery.

Price: A personalised letter from costs £4.99. For an extra £9.99 you can add a personal video message, for £9.99 a Santa Plush Teddy, for 2.99 some snow powder and for £3.99 some Christmas cookie mix.

If you go for a live call from Santa it’ll cost you £8.49, a Zoom call is £15.99, a text is £3.49 and a personalised Santa sack is £12.99.

4. RNIB Letter/Email From Santa 

What is it? The Royal National Institute of Blind People has been providing letters from Santa to blind and partially sighted children for the past 18 years.

How it works: You can get a letter from Santa Claus, all you have to do is write to RNIB at Santa Claus, RNIB, Midgate House, Midgate, Peterborough PE1 1TN and send your child’s name and address, and the preferred format of choice – braille, large print or audio CD – to request a personalised message.

Or you can also send an email to the RNIB at, to get a personalised email from Father Christmas.

Last order date: Letters have to be sent by Tuesday 1st December, but you can send emails up to Monday 21st December.

Price: It’s a free service, but if you want to support the work that the RNIB does, there’s a link to its donation page.

5. Elfi Letter From Santa

What is it? One of many Letters From Santa that you can personalise yourself online. You can add your child’s name, plus you can edit a variety of generic messages, to say whatever you like.

How it works: Visit ElfiSanta.UK to choose your letter template. From there, you need to type in your child’s name and then add personal details into the letter itself. Once you’re happy, and click a box to approve it. Then you’ll be given payment options, pop in your address and email… and away you go!

Last order date: Make sure you order by Monday 14th December to get it in time for Christmas. It takes 10 days to arrive, roughly, so you want to get it sorted ASAP.

Price: Depending on what you order, prices start from £7.99 for a letter in a standard envelope. the GOLD option costs £9.99, and gets you the same, with the added bonus of a gold envelope, a ‘Good Child Diploma’ certificate, a postcard from Elfi and a Santa sticker.

6. Portable North Pole Personalised Christmas Video

What is it? An online website called Portable North Pole that creates free personalised messages from Santa Claus.

How it works: It can be done in less than 10 minutes. You can add personal information, including your child’s name, age, what they do in the day, where they live and a picture.

If you chose to pay for a premium video you can also click on a naughty, nice or almost nice button to highlight your child’s behaviour throughout the year.

What you get: The website then creates a video of up to 6 minutes of a jolly Santa talking to your child, which you download onto your computer. You can also share it on social media.

One thing worth noting is that if your child’s name is unusual or difficult to get the pronunciation right, it may not be on the list of available names. Instead you’ll need to choose a generic name, such as Princess, Kiddo or simply My friend.

Last order date: Personal video messages from Santa should be available to order up until Christmas Eve.

Price: The personal message from Santa is free of charge.

For an extra £4.99, you can get a tailored 3 minute video where Santa will comment on your child’s behavior and tell them if they’ve made it onto the nice or naughty list. As an extra you also get a call from Santa during the video.

Other premium video options include a special ornament where elves reveal your child’s favourite moments from the year using photos you upload or a special call from Santa on Christmas Eve, which all cost £4.99.

Your child can also get unlimited videos and telephone calls from Santa right up until Christmas Eve for £11.99. And for £31.99 this unlimited pass can last for 10 years – a great option for families with lots of siblings.

7. Santa’s Post Office Personalised Letter

What is it? A service which provides a variety of letters from Santa, that you can personalise in a number of different ways.

How it works: Firstly, visit Santa’s Post Office. Choose whether you want one letter or several, and then pick from one of 4 designs. We especially like the brown paper style, as it looks so official! Then you’ll choose from a variety of letter templates, including ones explaining the importance of giving at Christmas, the religious side of Christmas, and even speaking to children who are starting to question Santa’s existence.

Here, you’ll also personalise with your little one’s name, their age, the name of their best friend/pet/relative, a present they’re hoping for, and pick your favourite sign-off message. You can also say if they’ve been good or not.

Once your personalisation is complete, you’ll head to the payment section of the website. Your letter will be sent off with a ‘genuine’ North Pole stamp, so it looks very official when it arrives, too…

Last order date: In the UK order by Monday 21st December for guaranteed Christmas delivery. It’s Thursday 17th December for Ireland and Monday 14th December elsewhere in Europe.

Price: One letter will cost £5.99. The more you order, the more you spend. If you’d like to add some extras to letter it’ll also cost more. For example a letter with a Christmas activity pack is £7.99, a letter with magic snow is £7.99 and the deluxe package which includes both is £8.99.


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