For some of us, Christmas means 24 days of Elf mischief as well as a visit from Santa - and if you're looking for some easy, last-minute Elf on the Shelf ideas to keep the magic going until 24th December - you're in the right place.


We've got some great, time-saving Elf on the Shelf ideas your child will love, created by a panel of parents using household items including toys, food, cleaning products and a smidgen of elfish imagination.

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Easy Elf on the Shelf ideas for 1 to 24 December

December 1st - Elf's arrival

Elf parachuting

Photo: aguidingmother on Instagram

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No, it’s Elf! Lots of people want to make a real splash when Elf first arrives, and what a better way to do it than have Elf parachuting into the room!

We love how creative this one is while staying low effort.

December 2nd - Do you wanna build a snow-Elf?

Photo: kaitstoeckel on Instagram

Aww, how cute is this? Grab some toilet rolls and pop your Elf in them to make it look as though he's hiding out in a snowman costume!

You can draw 'buttons' on with black felt pen and stick a bit of orange card on for a nose. Snow good!

December 3rd - LEGO lockdown

Photo: Ed_koo on Instagram

If you've got LEGO figures (or any others), a building base board and some string or ribbon why not get Elf tied up 'Gulliver's Travels' style by some other toys?

You can do this one in lots of ways and it won't take too long - plus we love the fact Elf is still smiling!

Seen these? Best Elf on the Shelf accessories...

Lots of our Elf on the Shelf ideas can be put together with things you’ll hopefully have around the house. But if you’re thinking of buying some extra props we've picked some brilliant ones...

December 4th - I'm a celebrity Elf... get me out of here!

Photo: Lyndsey

If your family have loved watching I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! why not use any rubber creepy crawly toys you have lying around (maybe from Halloween?) to make it look as though your Elf is making his escape from the jungle.

Use straw if you have it to make it extra authentic, otherwise just lie him on the floor and cover him in any lizard/snake toys you can find.

December 5th - KitKat ski lodge

Photo: Jennifer Basa and redcarpetstorunnynoses on Instagram

Woah....this is a bit of a 'wow factor' idea but we love it. If you're up for it, grab some KitKats and 'build' a ski lodge for Elf.

Use the KitKats whole, and sprinkle icing sugar on for a full 'snow' effect.

And eat later, obviously...

December 6th - Elf paints the town red

Elf nail polish

Photo: funnyelfideas on Instagram

So simple, but so good… grab any nail polish you can find around the house, paint dad’s (or anyone in the family’s) toenails and write a cheeky note from Elf confessing to the act! This is sure to get some giggles.

December 7th - Frozen fun

Frozen fun

Photo: tiffgerling on Instagram

If you're loving all things Frozen again now Frozen 2 has finally hit our screens, why not bring some icy fun by making it look as though Elsa has frozen Elf?

Pop Elf in a beaker or cup and add a small amount of water. Pop the beaker or cup in the freezer overnight and then set it up in the morning, waking the children before Elf gets too melted And then let your children have fun slowly defrosting chilly Elf.

More like this

December 8th - grate snowman fun

Photo: Sam

We'll feature 'grating' ideas a few times in this article: that's because most people have one at home and you can get up to some real fun using it.

If you have a big cuddly snowman, or another white or pink cuddly toy, put it by the grater and use marshmallows the same colour as your chosen toy's fur to make it look as though Elf has been grating him. The possibilities are endless!

December 9th - flying Elf and his reindeer friend

Photo: Gemma

You'll need to grab some string to do this one and some tacks (unless you already have hooks in the walls) to make it look as though Elf's doing a spider-crawl. If you have a reindeer you could include too, so much the better.

Just make sure they're wrapped around securely so there's no chance of them falling off before the kids see them!

December 10th - red nose day for Elf and the kids

Photo: Gemma

This is a really fun one you can do while the kids are sleeping. Pop a red 'nose' on your Elf in the form of a little red craft pom-pom, and give him a sign that says 'clowning around' or similar.

While your children sleep, dot their noses with red facepaint (make sure it's a skin-friendly facepaint so they don't come out in a rash). And ensure you're there when your kids look at themselves in the mirror in the morning!

December 11th - family photo fun

Photo: Gemma

This one will take a bit more time but we think it's lovely. Cut out the heads of everyone in the family and make simple Elf bodies using red and white card.

Then stick them on shelf and pop your Elf next to them so he looks like part of the family.

December 12th - it's an Elf outing!

Photo: Gemma

Be warned... your Elf might not always stay homebound... sometimes they like an outdoor adventure! If you're into decorating the house at Christmas, you might just have some spray-on snow around.

Make a little cut-out Elf on card or paper and spray the snow around it. Alternatively, hold Elf in place and spray, to create a great silhouette. You can then put him in the car so it looks like he went for a drive.

December 13th - Eggs: the musical

Musical eggs

Photo: on Instagram

Look at this music maestro! This is super simple but so effective, all you need is a pen, some Sellotape and a box of eggs! Simply draw the faces onto the eggs – make sure to get creative with the expressions – tape the toothpick to Elf’s hand and let the choral sing!

If you don't have eggs in the house you could use other props, such as mandarins.

December 14th - magic coin maker

Photo: Lyndsey

You can use hard-earned cash for this one - or toy money from a board game or, for a more popular effect, chocolate coins.

Make it look as though Elf is turning notes into coins by getting him to 'hold' the notes and place gold coins around the grater.

December 15th - unicorn ride

Photo: runjumpscrap on Instagram

Have a unicorn cuddly toy or ornament handy? If you do, why not let Elf ride in on him one morning? We love the unicorn poo touch here, too.

If you don't have 'real' unicorn poo - just fill a clear plastic bag with marshmallows or other sweets and write a label that says what it is.

December 16th – Elf snack invasion

Photo: Hannah

Sneaky snack time? This idea shows Elf's head and arms coming out of a nice sturdy Pringles tube (so Elf can stand up). You'll need a bit of welly to make holes in the tough cardboard, but it's do-able and looks hilarious.

December 17th - Elf gets stuck!

Elf stuck in a hoover

Photo: on Instagram

We can’t believe we haven’t tried this one before … stick your Elf into the hoover, write a little ‘help!’ note to go with it and job done.

We love the idea of using a hoover, but you could use any household item to stick Elf into!

December 18th - Busking elf

Elf playing cards

Photo: on Instagram

Elf playing cards with a few furry friends… genius! You can use real money here, but we think it’s a nice opportunity for some chocolate money.

December 19th - It's Spider-elf!

Photo: aneverendingbook on Instagram

If your little ones are Spiderman fans, why not recreate that scene in the movie by popping a spider mask (you can draw your own) on one of your Elves, or you can use another doll if you don't have a spare Elf.

We love the added touch of Olaf and the reindeer watching on for a Frozen touch!

December 20th - fruity faces

Photo: mommysmanifesto on Instagram

Another simple but brilliantly effective idea. Make it look as though your Elf has been drawing faces on bananas by drawing characters on the fruit and getting Elf to 'hold' the pens.

It can work with oranges or satsumas too.

December 21st - snowball fight

Photo: Lyndsey

Sweets lend themselves brilliantly to Elf on the Shelf props, and marshmallows (big and small) are some of the most versatile – they can be seats, building blocks or, here, snowballs and a defence wall.

For this snowy battle, use other toys, such as this PJ Masks Crew, to pit themselves against the Elf.

December 22nd - Elf throws a pool party

Elf pool party

Photo: _samanthabull_ on Instagram

Did someone say pool party?! Rustle up all the bath toys and create Elf's very own pool party. We think the more guests and inflatables, the better!

December 23rd - Elf gets tangled

Elf tangled in fairy lights

Photo: doityourelfkit on Instagram

If you have spare fairy lights knocking about, hang them over a door handle with Elf tangled up in them. Classic elf getting up to his old tricks!

December 24th - Christmas Eve tableaux

Elf and paper snowflakes

Photo: _samanthabull_ on Instagram

For a beautiful send-off for your Elf, why not set up a pretty Winter Wonderland scene with paper snowflakes and a few extra decorations?

You can go to town on this one and make it look as arty, colourful and glitzy as you like with a range of hanging decorations. Keep it cheap and cheerful with handmade snowflakes or buy pre-made snowflakes to make it a real 'Insta'-worthy farewell.

More Elf on the Shelf ideas you can try

Lava floor

Photo: Gemma

We know this might not be the simplest one we've included, but we do love it! Get your Elf escaping a lava flow floor by attaching him to your front door in a bid to escape.

There are some pretty impressive lava shapes here - but if you want to make it slightly easier, just scrunch up red, yellow and orange tissue paper around the door to look like a lava flow.

Tree wrap

Photo: Gemma

Now, if you have a tree and loo roll... this one's a doddle! Simply wrap toilet roll around your tree to show what that Elf has been up to in the night.

Super quick - and super effective.

Puzzle positions

Photo: Stacey

A really nice (and simple!) idea is to get Elf looking as though he's in the middle of a game or puzzle with his toy friends. Just arrange them in the lounge or even your child's bedroom once they've gone to bed (if you can be quiet enough...)

Bowl party

Photo: Bryony

This cute idea shows him having a pool party in a big bowl of water, surrounded by other toys on 'loungers' and all the open Advent calendars to show his work is nearly done and he'll soon be off to report back to Santa.

For added sparkle, you could lay some tinsel around if you have any spare or a few shiny Christmas tree decorations.

Help with the Christmas post

Photo: Bonnie

If you're lucky, your Elf might help with getting those Christmas cards posted: this is one to do if you fancy using a few toy props.

Here Elf is helping post letters, but if you have a toy kitchen or shopping basket you could have him cooking or putting groceries in a cart to show him being helpful as Christmas Day approaches.

Story time

Photo: Claire

This is a nice one to do if your child has a few dolls. Sit Elf down (you can prop a little book between his hands for extra effect) gather some character toys around (teddies or LEGO figures would work too) and it will look just like the reading time your child may do at nursery or in reception.

Half-time rest

Photo: Bonnie

If you have a doll's bed handy, pop your Elf into it halfway through December and say he's having a half-term break! The kids will totally get it.

Christmas tree climb

Photo: Bonnie

If you want to keep it really simple, a nice idea is to hide Elf among the Christmas decorations one night. Your kids might take a while to find him, but once they spot him on the tree it will (hopefully) make them smile.

Sweet snack attack

Photo: Claire

If in doubt, there's always something you can do with Elf in the kitchen. We love this idea which shows Elf with chocolate spread around his mouth, though of course peanut butter or jam would work just as well.

Just remember to clean him up ready for the next day's activities...

Candy canes

Photo: Bonnie

If you're ready to start giving the children some pre-Christmas sweets (or you're buying them in for friends) why not let your Elf bring them in one morning? Pop them into a toy trolley or shopping basked if you have one, or just pile them up next to Elf.

Your kids will be double happy to see this one: Elf up to things again AND sweets!

Cereal morning wake-up call

Photo: Angela

If you don't mind making a mess of your cereal box and you've got some scissors handy, this idea will make the children laugh in the morning.

Cut a hole in the cereal box and pop Elf's head through it - simple as that.


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