A mum from the US named Christy Heins has done something we’re sure a fair few of us have considered: she’s retired her family’s Elf On The Shelf.


Don’t get us wrong, we love coming up with new ideas for keeping Elf busy, and were even inspired to make a handy timetable to take the pressure off.

BUT when you’re managing a household, working, looking after kids and pets, and dealing with the dreaded Christmas admin (cards, gifts, food shop etc) – it can sometimes feel like more of a task than a joy.

“So, yeah. This is happening!!” mum of 3 Christy started her explanation post, on Facebook.

“George Elf has been our elf on the shelf for the past three years, but after a short career, we are congratulating him on his retirement.

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“I know that some people truly enjoy setting up elaborate scenes with their elf, but for me, cleaning up after 3 children and a dog is enough

"I forgot to move him more times than I can even count, and I cut it close a few times trying to sneakily move him after the kids were already awake.

"Today my pastor’s sermon was all about how Advent is supposed to be a season of feeling PEACEFUL and cute little George wasn’t exactly falling into that category for me.

“I also was never good about using the elf as a way to improve my kids’ behavior so he really didn’t have an effect on their behavior whatsoever.”

Though she adds: “Absolutely nothing against this tradition for those who love it! ”, Christy drafted up and sent a letter from Santa to her kids, which explained why their Elf, named George, was hanging up his hat for good.

The Elf Retirement letter in full

elf retirement

Here are some excerpts:

“I think you will be pleased as peppermint to learn that George Elf had a very special Christmas wish this year. He has enjoyed you three girls so much over the years that his only wish this year was to be a REAL toy in your house.

“Some elves love their jobs, reporting to me who has been naughty and nice each night, but just like people, each elf is different, and George wanted more than anything to be played with like a real toy.

“We thought it would be fun to hide one more time for you to find him. He knows that once you touch him, he will lose his magic to be able to fly and that’s okay!

“He wants you treat him like a member of the family from now until Christmas.

“I will pick him up when I visit your house on Christmas Eve and he will ride back to the North Pole in my sleigh, to spend the rest of the year with his elf family.

“Merry Christmas, and enjoy your time with George Elf. Love, Santa Claus.”

Our thoughts

Aw, this letter certainly is a sweet way of untangling one of the many webs we weave at Christmastime, isn’t it?

It doesn’t ruin the magic, but it does take the heat off coming up with creative new ways to hide the elves.

We also got a tiny bit emosh thinking that these elves want to be played with just like a real toy ??

We’re big softies at heart ? Thanks for sharing, Christy!

Image: Facebook/Christy Hein

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