If you love Elf on the Shelf, you might just be interested in the latest cute Chrimbo offering from the same people: a Letters to Santa kit.


Get your little one to write their letter for Father Christmas, before shrinking it and sending it off to Lapland with Elfie, who returns a couple of days later (after Santa's read it of course) with the letter for you to pop on the tree.

But, how easy it is? Fun to do? Does it all work out? We asked one of our super-crafty mums, Claire Angel Hamilton, to give it a go.

She's done a step by step and told us exactly what she thinks of the process. Take a look...

What's inside the box

  • Letter to Santa book
  • 8 Pieces of Santa's special paper
  • 1x Mrs Claus' magic press
  • 2x pieces of parchment paper
  • 8x scout elf sashes (red ribbon)
  • 2x markers (red and green)

How to make your Letter to Santa...

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1. Using the letter sheets and pens provided, write your letter to Santa with your child. (We chose to alternate colours to make it look more attractive and festive ?)


2. Time to shrink your letter. Turn on your oven to gas mark 3 (or 165c/325f) and pre-heat it for 15 minutes so it gives enough time for the heat in the oven to stabilise.

Using a baking tray add one piece of the parchment paper and place down, then add the Santa letter on top ensuring the writing is face up.

Next, add the second piece of parchment paper and place on top of the letter ensuring it's completely covered or the letter will not shrink.

Finally, add the Mrs Claus magic press on top and place into the oven on the middle shelf.


3. Bake in the oven for 3-5 minutes until it shrinks. Please don't worry if it curls up (I did panic haha) - it will flatten as it bakes.

If it has not completely flattened after 5 minutes leave it in for another minute and it should be completely flat.

Once it has completely flattened using oven gloves remove from the oven and leave it to cool for 5 minutes. Please be careful as the Mrs Claus magic press will be very hot!!


4. Once the letter has fully cooked add the Elf sash (ribbon) to the letter and give to your Elf to deliver to Santa in the North Pole.


5. Once Santa has read the letter he will send it back with your Elf to add to your tree! (This is how your child knows Santa has read it).


Claire's review

"I found this letter to Santa kit simple and straight forward to use and the instructions were very clear. If you need additional help they have a step by step video guide on their website," she tells MFM.

"Once all the paper has been used up it says you can buy additional paper online [though apparently it won't be available in time for this Christmas] so you won't need to buy the kit again every year which is really good.

"I had so much fun with this kit and my daughter who is nearly 3 really enjoyed writing to Santa.

"She can't write properly yet and can only mark-make as you can see in the photos, so any age child can do this. Even a newborn can 'write' to Santa - you can carefully draw around their hand or foot and write the letter on their behalf.

"I can definitely see myself using this every year. Such a special tradition for us to share, and they look very cute as ornaments.

"I am going to purchase more paper packs so I have additional ones for the next few years.

"It is well worth the money and I must say I feel rather festive now. I can almost taste the mince pies and smell the gingerbread men baking! ? "

Definitely seems like a thumbs up from Claire then ? Reckon you'll have a go?

Take a look at more of Claire's crafty work on Instagram on mama.bella2017

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