Mum-to-be Jessica Simpson lets rip about her pregnancy flatulence

Pregnant Jessica Simpson’s telling it like it is, revealing all she knows about pregnancy flatulence and Amanda Holden’s getting in on the honesty act too…


Jessica Simpson has spoken about the extra flatulence that comes with pregnancy. Jessica, 31, was notably coy about revealing she was pregnant, hiding her tummy and denying rumours over the last few weeks. Yet, now that her pregnancy is out in the open it seems the singer and actress is keen to share everything, and we mean everything, with her fans.


The star, who’s expecting her first child with fiancé Eric Johnson, was eager to inform fans of her new found knowledge about the side effects of pregnancy. Jessica informed all those who would listen (or maybe those who could smell her!) that now that she’s pregnant she can expect to be expelling 15 times more flatulence than the average person. Probably best not to stand down wind of this star then!

Amanda Holden has also been sharing the more intimate details of her pregnancy, tweeting that her boobs have become so big, the bra cups fit over her head.


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