Mum-to-be reported to social services for half decorated home!

Police reported pregnant woman for being a potentially unfit mum


A pregnant woman who called the police to assist her found herself in hot water after she was reported to social services for her half renovated house.


Mary Cook, 27, was visited by a female police officer at her home in Staffordshire after complaining about a speeding car. Despite not mentioning her concerns, the police officer reported Mary to social services over her half decorated house, which featured missing wallpaper.

Mary later received a letter from her local council warning her of a potential ‘referral’ for her unborn child, and the council also contacted her midwife over their concerns.

Realising their mistake, Staffordshire council have assured mum-to-be Mary none of the complaints will go against her in the future.


Doing their job or jumping the gun? And what would police officers say if they saw the state of your home? Let us know…


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