Making out the image of your baby on the scan photo is a special moment. Gazing at the grainy image, you should get the first glimpse of your baby's features. So imagine Debbie King's shock when she saw her late grandmother staring back at her…


The spooky ultrasound snap clearly shows a face on her baby girl's head – and Debbie is convinced the face is the spitting image of her grandmother Teresa King who died in February 2012, aged 82.

The 23-year-old went to the hospital for her 20-week scan on Friday 13 June and it wasn't until she showed the scan picture to friends that she saw the resemblance.


"The scan was on the side of my fridge and I didn't pay much attention because I just thought all of the scans looked the same," Debbie from Galway, Ireland, said. "It wasn't until my friend said she could see a face that I looked at it properly.

"As soon as I did I could see it was Nanny. It's not like you've even got to squint.

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"I showed it to a few other people and they agreed it looks like her. They thought it was the strangest thing that they have ever seen in their whole lives."


Debbie is due to give birth any day now and had a close relationship with her Nanny. "I used to talk to her about everything.

"I still ask her things in my head and this has made me realise she's listening.

"It feels like she is watching over us. It has made me feel a lot more at ease during the pregnancy."

So can you see the resemblance in the scan picture? Let us know in the comments below.

Photos: SWNS

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