Mum-to-be’s speedy labour in traffic even surprises the dad

Dad-to-be put his foot down but didn’t make the hospital in time for his son’s arrival


A mum has given birth to her newborn son on the back seat of the family car, despite the dad-to-be racing her to hospital.


Graeme Edwards was stopped in traffic when his wife Emma told him her waters had broken.

“We were just before a set of traffic lights when all of a sudden her waters broke,” explained new dad and driver, Graeme. “Seconds later, I turned around and he had arrived!” Emma gave birth to a healthy baby, weighing in at 8lb, 10oz, called Sam.

Graeme then called his local hospital in Poole, Dorset, to alert the midwifery team they were on the their way, and they were welcomed by a gathering of midwives and doctors awaiting the new family’s hastily arrival.

Unfazed after his speedily delivery, baby Sam, Emma and Graeme were back home within a few hours to start their new lives together.


Now that’s what we call wheelie good news! (sorry we couldn’t resist!)

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