Mum to Jude Law’s baby reveals all

Samantha Burke breaks her silence through her online diary

Since the news broke on the identity of the mum-to-be carrying Jude Law’s fifth child, Samantha Burke, the American model-turned-actress, has been labeled everything from a “wannabe” to “gold-digger” and “liar”.


Pregnant Samantha, who has already named the unborn baby Sophia, has decided to launch an online diary and break her silence on who she really is.

Damning the press for the unkind names and rumours behind her and Jude Law’s brief relationship, Samantha, 24, invites readers to “follow my daily life as an actress, model and soon-to-be-mum” where she reveals candid details about her pregnancy, from her hopes and dreams to her baby’s first kick.

Shameless self-promotion or excited mum-to-be? Decide for yourself…

On August 11, Samantha posted, “I didn’t choose to publish the story of my pregnancy.  I didn’t choose to publish pictures of myself.  Everything that you have seen and or read has come from someone other than me. My life feels like a complete nightmare. Being pregnant is emotional enough and all I want is to enjoy the last two months of my pregnancy but it’s really difficult when people are bashing my name and misrepresenting who I really am.”

On August 13, she reflects on her baby’s first kick, “It’s funny how a baby’s kick is so comforting.  I won’t forget the first time I felt more than butterflies. It was her first full-on kung-fu kick! I was home alone and it was about 11pm so I couldn’t exactly call anyone to share the news with. I cried with joy, then cried some more when it hit me that I had nobody to share that moment with.”

Also on August 11, the mum-to-be expressed her upset on the “gold-digger” label, “One of the comments that has really bothered me is having been repeatedly called a “gold-digger.”  I can’t tell you how far from a gold-digger I am. I wish there was a reporter finding out how I’ve never dated a rich man in my life. I didn’t jump for joy because I “hit the jack pot”, I cried my eyes out and started adjusting my future plans in my head.”


Visit the Samantha Burke online diary for the full extracts.

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