Mum’s crucial safety warning after toddler’s terrifying overdose

US blogger Stevie Niki's 3-year-old reached a cabinet she'd never reached before...


A mum blogger has warned fellow parents to always remain diligent – after her 3-year-old overdosed on pills after accessing a medicine cabinet.


Stevie Niki was entertaining family members and their children in the her living room – but after heading into another room for just a moment, her daughter crept out into the kitchen to find the well-out-of-reach tablets there.

It seems she was fascinated by pills her older sister takes – and wanted some for herself.

Here’s Stevie’s story:

“I didn’t give it a second thought to leaving her inside a few steps away in her room, after all our home is totally safe and kid proof.

“Well how wrong I was and let this serve as a reminder to NEVER underestimate the determination of a threenager.

“When we came back inside shortly after, I found the dining chairs that we have stacked (to prevent our one year old from using them to climb) were moved to the other side of the kitchen.

“I didn’t give this too much thought, that was until I found the empty medication container on the floor. Then it all started to click and that gut sinking feeling started to set in.

“See, my three year old ALWAYS tries to take my six year old’s tablet each night when we give it to her, and each night we explain to her that you DO NOT EVER touch medicine unless a doctor gave it to mummy and daddy to give to you.

“Today the determination to have what her sister has overcame her.

“The medicine cupboard is higher than my head, above our microwave and difficult for even me to reach, but she managed to push both stacks of chairs from the other side of the kitchen and use them to scale to the height of the cupboard, open it and get the half full container of prescription medication and some brightly coloured Strepsils sitting next to it down from the cupboard.”

Stevie then goes on to say that her little one swallowed a terrifying 20 – 30 capsules and 6 Strepsils ???

Miraculously, the tablets the tot had swiped were actually slow-release melatonin (the natural hormone we have that makes us sleepy) – and it was confirmed after a visit to A&E that there’d be no negative side effects.

But Stevie admits that there were tablets in the cabinet that could have had much deadlier consequences than an early bedtime.

“You can never be too vigilant when it comes to your children, but also remember accidents happen to all of us, even the most cautious of us,” she signed off her post.

“So don’t be too quick to judge, instead you too can learn from my mistake and instead of criticizing me, try to empathise with me, because there is nothing no one could say that could make me feel worse about it than I already do.”

No judgment here.

It’s pretty well known that children’s abilities change all the time – one minute they can’t reach the bench, and the next minute they’ve figured out a way to climb it.

So we reckon this is a pretty powerful reminder to make sure the out-of-reach stuff still IS out of reach ?

Images: My Tribe Of Six

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