Mum wins court case after being sacked for back-to-back pregnancies

Jacky Scott has been awarded compensation for being dismissed after revealing she was pregnant again whilst on maternity leave


A mum has been awarded a five-figure sum after taking her employers to court for sexual discrimination when she was pregnant. She claimed she was sacked when she told her employers that she was pregnant again whilst on her year-long maternity leave.


Jacky Scott, 37, reportedly told her employers, timber firm Cox Long, that she would return to work after her original maternity leave as planned, but would then need to take another year’s maternity leave four months later. It was just after she told them her baby news, that the company made their decision to let her go.

To add to matters, a line manager allegedly told a colleague that they’d rather make a member of staff redundant than give them maternity leave. The tribunal found Cox Long guilty of sexual discrimination and Jacky was rewarded a five-figure sum.

“It has been a difficult and testing time for me but I am pleased with the outcome and hope other people do not have to go through what I have,” Jacky said.


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