Mums and dads confess the parenting tasks they *just* can’t do

Love Island stars Cara and Nathan, plus blogger The Honest Dad, and LOADS of you all admit there are some mum/dad duties you just can’t hack…


Some parents have no choice but to do everything – perhaps because they’re flying solo or their other half works away 24/7. To those mums and dads, we say ???


But some of us DO have a parenting partner by our side, and as a result, we can give them the day-to-day jobs we really, really just can’t do.

Take Love Island stars and new parents Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey, for example.

In a chat with MFM at our recent #MFMA18 judging, 25-year-old Nathan confessed he couldn’t bear to change his 9-week-old son Freddie-Georgie’s nappies – for a very particular physical reason.

“Cara’s a very good mother, I’ve got to give it to her – I don’t clean the nappies. I’ve got a really bad gag reflex.”

He’s changed a whopping total of 4 nappies to date – and one occasion was so momentous, Cara captured for her 900k fans in a LOL Instagram Live ?

“[It’s] tragic,” said Nathan, laughing at himself. “Wee I don’t mind but… poo? Sick? Sick’s a no-go. Milk-sick is alright. But once he starts getting on the solids, that’s when I’ve got to go for a jog.”

“Nathan’s the burper – that’s his thing,” Cara, 27, admits. “I can’t do it, but Nathan picks him up…”

“And he lets out a big bellow!” Nathan concludes.

Fellow MadeForMums Awards judge and parenting blogger The Honest Dad, aka Adam Riches, has a slightly diff sitch going on in his household…

“I do everything, but the one thing my wife will not do is sick,” he told MFM. “[We’re] weaning, and she will not do chunky sick.

“She sticks to anything that isn’t sick. I don’t mind the sick.”

It seems there are loads of us out there who – despite loving our little babies with every fibre of our being – just can’t hack the slightly grosser elements of parenting a tiny tot.

On our Facebook page, Emma-Louise H told us she just couldn’t deal with… “Poop!!

“Don’t get me wrong, I will clean a dirty nappy, but when those little angels are so tiny and that poop is mustard yellow and explosive it’s more fun watching my husband have a heart attack while napalm is happening “

“My husband has to do the sick,” mum Laurie B confessed. “Our daughter, 5, was taught very early to get to the bathroom so thankfully it doesn’t hit the floor often ”

Whereas for Jessica L, she’s the one on sick duty. “My husband can not deal with sick at all,” she shared. “He starts heaving as soon as he gets a whiff of it. I do everything ?  after working as an LSA I’ve seen everything! ”

Mum Adelle G was in the same boat as Jessica – but in return says she needed her partner to “do the bottles.”

Now, to be fair, a fear of vomiting or seeing someone else vomit is a legit phobia called emetophobia. Sick makes people with this phobia really, really anxious – so it makes sense they’d require their other half to take one for the team.

However, we’d say more often than not, it’s just a case of a bad gag reflex or a weak stomach ???

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Images: Instagram/The Honest Dad, Instagram/Cara De La Hoyde, Instagram/Nathan Massey

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