Mums and dads want parenting classes

New stats show most parents aren’t sure how to be a good parent, especially when it comes to bad behaviour


Mums and dads feel they lack essential parenting skills, according to a new poll of parents under 35.


Three quarters of the 1,350 parents asked were in favour of basic parenting classes provided by the government.

The survey carried out in association with Jubilee Parenting, who already provide classes, also found that more than a third of those questioned felt they didn’t know how to be a good parent.

The majority 77% admitted they find it difficult to control an angry child and 74% say they would welcome help with handling peer pressure in the playground. It seems parenting classes with a focus on behaviour and emotional support are really in demand.

After the Londonriots were blamed on bad parenting, the government proposed to trial parenting classes for 50,000 mums and dads. They begin this summer for two years and could encourage more support for parents in the future.

Would you attend parenting classes?

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