Mums blame family for stress levels

Family causes more worry than finances or work problems for mums.


UK mums find their children cause more stress than worries over paying bills, work issues or love life problems, a study commission by frozen food company Chicago Town has revealed.


For 54% of mums, the biggest factor contributing to their stress levels was their family’s unrealistic expectation of them to be a ‘domestic goddess’ – that is, deal with child concerns, household chores, family meals, marital issues and their looks.

Concerns over children were said to be the major stress factor for 37% of mums surveyed. But financial worries came a close second, at 32%. As for the juggling work and family life, only 5% stated work-related problems were the primary cause of their stress. Only 4% said their love life was the biggest cause.

According to the Chicago Town survey, the top 10 stress factors for us mums are:

  1. Concerns over children
  2. Money worries
  3. Household chores
  4. Extended family
  5. Appearance
  6. Work problems
  7. Marital issues
  8. Social life/Me Time
  9. Feeding the family within budget
  10. Pets

What stresses you out the most? Let us know…

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