Lego minifigures come in all shapes and sizes. You can get mermaids, wizards, bin men and office workers. In fact, there are over 4 billion Lego minifigures in the world – probably a fair few down the back of the sofa.


But have you ever seen a minifigure in a wheelchair? No. And that's something that the #ToyLikeMe campaign is hoping to change – in time for next Christmas.

Using the Lego Ideas website, the campaigners behind the #ToyLikeMe Facebook page have created a range of Christmas-themed Lego with a difference.

The Father Christmas and Fairy are in wheelchairs while Santa's helper, the Elf, has a walking stick.

"Let’s take disability out of the toy hospital sets and into the Christmas grotto!" the Christmas Wands 'n' Wheels campaign page reads.

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The idea is to "help generations of kids (both with and without disabilities), grow up with a more positive attitude to human difference".

The campaign has 1,657 supporters, but it needs 10,000 before Lego will consider whether to put the set into production. "There are 150 million kids with disabilities worldwide who never see themselves represented in toys. Let's make this the last Christmas. Next year can be better!" the campaign reads.

The #ToyLikeMe Facebook campaign was started by two deaf mums who want to change mainstream toys to make them more inclusive.

"Both of my children are disabled, and other children often make fun of them, it is very upsetting for them, please make the Lego sets and make more people aware," one supporter commented.

Another added: "Excellent educational tool. Should have more toys featuring disabilities to teach children that disabilities are part of reality."

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