Mums confess to ‘tricks’ they play on children

‘Borrowing’ sweets, sneaking toys off to charity shops, telling porkie pies… Recognise any of these?


Honesty is always the best policy, right? Well, not always, it seems – as a new survey reveals the sneaky tricks we mums often pull on our own children.


Most of us, according to the survey for, admit to having hidden our children’s noisy toys – or even, ahem, taking out the batteries. Some of us have even gone as far taking the noisiest toys to the charity shop or putting them away in the loft while our children had been at school.

Further secret tricks include:

  • Sweet-nabbing: 90% of us admit to sneakily finishing off our children’s sweets. “Sweets are my weakness,” says one mum, “and if there happen to be a few sugary, jellied treats in the bottom of the packet, then I just can’t help myself.”
  • Time manipulation: A cheeky 74% of us lie about the time, usually in the morning or around bedtime. “If we’ve had a busy day,” says another mum, “then I can’t help but tell a little untruth about the time and bring bed time forward. An early night never hurt anyone.”
  • Saying places are closed (when they’re not): Yep, 64% of us have told our kids that a certain swimming pool, theme park or soft-play zone is shut so we don’t have to take them there.
  • Football-deflation. A garden-proud 4% of us have actually let the air out of footballs and pretended they’re punctured to prevent a flower-destroying kickabout.

Most of the mums surveyed didn’t feel too guilty about their sneaky ploys. As one respondent says: “There are just times when we have to tell a little white lie”

What do you think? Is it OK to lie to your kids every now and then? Or not?

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