Mums convince Kellogg’s to lower sugar levels

Leading cereal company Kellogg's will next year introduce a reduced sugar content in Coco Pops after having "listened to mums"


Leading cereal company Kellogg’s will next year introduce a reduced sugar content in Coco Pops after having “listened to mums”


Coco Pops are losing some of their sugar, following Kellogg’s decision to make them more healthy.

With the increasing modern-day pressure on the levels of sugar in children’s cereals, the move will be welcomed, especially by the Food Standards Agency. The FSA currently places Coco Pops under the ‘red light’ in its traffic labelling system.

The change will see a reduction of 15 per cent sugar in four brands of Coco Pops. Greg Peterson, managing director of Kellogg’s UK, said, “We have listened to mums. They want a balance: lower sugar cereals which children will still eat”.

“We have invested millions of pounds and thousands of staff hours over the last two years to make this happen, and will do this without compromising the taste.”

The cereal, which currently contains 35 per cent sugar, will be cut to 29.75 per cent. However, this is still double the Food Standard Agency’s maximum sugar amount recommendation for cereals of 15 per cent.

Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, has approached the move “cautiously”. He said, “Fifteen per cent is better than nothing. But companies should have been doing this years ago”.

“It’s a cautious welcome because we think that companies that are serious about reformulating should be acknowledged”.


Although the cut may appear to be small, it looks like Kellogg’s has taken a step in the right direction and we wait to see if Frosties and Sugar Puffs get the low-sugar makeover.

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