Mum’s flashback post about the first few days with a newborn totally nails it

Remember all this? We certainly do...


Sometimes mum blogger posts really ring true here at MFM.


And a recent one by Aussie blogger Laura Mazza (aka themumontherun), looking back on the first few days of motherhood, definitely struck a chord.

In her post, she revisits many feelings from those early newborn days, including losing a sense of self:

“Birthing might be something your body is meant to do, but my body didn’t seem to like the effects of it all that much. I stopped feeling like a woman after that baby came out of me.”

And the real kicker:

“The never sleeping. The NEVER SLEEPING. I don’t think you understand. I remember someone saying to me that people who say their children sleep are liars. I wish I could be a liar too, I would think.”

But the mum-of-2’s following passage was what really stopped and made us think:

“I never thought the first days of having a child and it being the darkest days and hardest days would ever be in same sentence.

“I went from being cared for, and being asked “how I’m feeling” in my pregnancy, to giving birth and being forgotten.

“Making coffee for the revolving door of guests that came leaving my house in a worse state than it was.

“I went from being offered seats and smiled at politely from strangers to receiving death stares if my baby cried, from being treated like precious cargo to be expected to cook for estranged distant relatives and host a clean a house when my body just gave birth to the thing that made me precious before.”

This is soooo true ?

It can definitely be a bit of a shock to go from cared-for to carer in more than one sense of the word.

Suddenly everyone (and we mean everyone) is keen to ‘pop in’ to meet your little one, but often YOU’VE barely had time to get to know your newborn.

Entertaining while dealing with the aforementioned stress and sleeplessness can be totally exhausting, too. As Laura eventually discovered, it’s OK to say: find the kettle yourself!

One of our MFM mums reckons she would’ve liked a solid 2 weeks of immediate family bonding time before welcoming visitors.

And of course, the reaction of strangers can always be a bit unsettling at first…

All-in-all a very interesting blog post indeed.

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