Mums head back to work sooner

Money worries blamed for early return to work, says study


A recent ‘Mum-Economics’ survey by Avon UK has found that 70% of stay-at-home mums are returning to work sooner than they expected.


Financial concerns and worry about their partner’s job security has caused 33% of the mums questioned to return to work immediately.

Over half (55%) of stay-at-home mums will be heading back to work six to 12 months sooner than they expected, and 86% of them felt anxious that there wasn’t enough flexible employment opportunities for mums returning to work after giving birth.

Anna Segatti, President of Avon UK, says, “What women are seeing with Avon Mum-Economics Study is a real blitz spirit, with women jumping into action to help fund their family through the tough times. The main obstacles women forsee focus on finding flexible work, with over half the mums we spoke to worried about managing the school run, kid’s sick days and of course, school holiday schedules. The cost of childcare also presents concerns for mums, with over half the mums worried that the cost of childcare will not leave them enough money to cover household costs.”

If you think heading back work after being a stay-at-home mum is a daunting prospect, don’t worry, as chances are you’ll be more prepared than you think.

Forget the pressure of working a boardroom meeting or the chaos of being a nurse, the most stressed-out workforce in Britain are stay-at-home parents, according to a study by Radox.

Stress levels were tracked over a 7-hour period in which bio-monitoring equipment measured heart rates, skin conductance and stress hormone levels. Five professions were studied and stay-at-home mums topped the stress levels, thwarting nurses, traders, teachers and taxi drivers.


Maybe returning to work isn’t such a daunting prospect after all…

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