Mum’s honest before and after pic shows size change after breastpumping

Know that just-woken-up well-engorged feeling? One mum reveals exactly what it looks like


A mum has captured the attention of fellow mums everywhere with her fascinating before-and-after breastpumping snap.


Chi-Chi LaFlare, who runs a breastfeeding group, Chi-Chi’s Magic Milk, which encourages mums to share milk,took to Instagram to share a candid picture showing what her boobs looked like before and after pumping breast milk one morning..

Alongside the side-by-side comparison snap, she wrote: “When you sleep in and wake up not knowing who that girl is with the huge knockers…??”

Yep, sounds about right ?

Chi-Chi also added that she was an “overproducer” and on this particular occasion had expressed 40oz (or 1 litre) of breastmilk.

Many of us will be able to relate to that mighty boob feeling when you first wake up in the morning – if you haven’t been called on for too many milk duties during the night. 

The snap really struck a chord with Chi-Chi’s followers with one commenting: “This hits too close to home… know that feeling for sure.”

While another added: “Oh my word! I remember how much it hurt to be that engorged! Way to go mama!”

We can only guess how much comfier she must have felt taking the 2nd pic rather than the 1st.

Images: Instagram/Chi-Chi LaFlare

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