Mum’s honest video about ectopic pregnancy: ‘I don’t think I grasped how serious it was’

'I probably should have told the midwife - but I didn’t know shoulder problems are a sign of ectopic pregnancy'


When Kerri Stedman from Co Wexford in Ireland found out she was pregnant, her 2nd and youngest daughter was just 8 months old. She said it was a shock but she was excited about it.


However, a month after finding out about the pregnancy she began to bleed.

Having had miscarriages before giving birth to her 2 daughters, she assumed this was happening again and so didn’t go to her scan appointment – and says that while she had cramping and bleeding, she “didn’t feel bad enough to go in”.

Kerri also had bad shoulder pain – which she didn’t know was a sign of ectopic pregnancy (though we should add here that just because you have shoulder pain when pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean you have an ectopic pregnancy).

With hindsight, she says: “I probably should have told the midwife.”

When Kerri did go to hospital it was discovered that her pregnancy was at the edge of her uterus, rather than in her fallopian tubes as is usually the case with ectopic pregnancy.

Only after being operated on did the enormity of what had happened really hit her:

“The first couple of days you feel numb to everything,” she said. “Hats off to Wexford General, they were amazing.

“I didn’t mind listening to babies crying funnily enough, but what really upset me was when I saw a dad carrying a car seat to pick up his baby.”

Kerri has since gone on to have another baby, saying she was a “nervous wreck” until baby Lucy was born.

Now she wants to go on to do all she can to help women who might find themselves in the same situation.

Thank you for sharing your story, Kerri ?

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