Mum’s IVF heartbreak and happiness summed up in one beautiful picture

This Facebook post caught our attention for all the right reasons today


It’s the image that’s got the world pressing the ‘like’ button in their thousands today – for all the right reasons.


The beautiful little baby you see belongs to Angela who wanted to illustrate just what a mum goes through when having IVF treatment.

The newborn is surrounded by just some of the syringes and vials of medicine that Angela took while having IVF treatment at the Sher Fertility Institute, in Missouri, America.

“Wow, what a photo. Thank you to Sher Fertility St. Louis and Dr. Dayal patient Angela, who shows the true definition of love that went into making this gorgeous new baby girl,” the post on the clinic’s Facebook page reads.


The image has prompted over 600 comments on Facebook so far – many from women who have gone through IVF themselves, and lots of people chose to share pictures of their IVF babies, too.

“Love it. Without IVF and the injections I would not have my beautiful twins,” one user said. 

“It’s a very bold picture…. the truth….of how very devoted and how strong people have to be….to fight for a family when their bodies won’t work for them. More people need to see it….to understand it…and to learn how to support those struggling with infertility,” another commented.

What do you think?

Have you been through IVF treatment? Does this image resonate with you? Share you comments below.

Photo: Sher Fertility Institute, Facebook

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