Mums make better car companions than dads

Survey reveals children’s real opinions of travelling with their parents


Ah, the family car journey! A rite of passage in any normal household, whether it’s visiting Nan at the weekend or heading off for a break in Cornwall. 


However, kids up and down the country have revealed their true feelings and it appears mum, not dad, is the perfect travelling companion.

A survey of 1,000 5-7 year-olds, carried out by the RAC, found the majority of children think mum is more fun on journeys, but dad is the better driver.

The youngsters even admitted that their parents’ bad taste in music and out-of-tune singing is their main bugbear in the car.

Er, charming!

The kids were also put to the test and asked to share their worldly knowledge in a car symbol game.

Most knew what the petrol-filling sign was, although some thought it represented a gas mask or even an alien.

Just 28% recognised the temperature sign, with the majority believing it referred to a boat, lighthouse, or even a lollipop, and 24% knew the airbag symbol, while others guessed it to mean a rollercoaster, snail or a pregnant lady.

Some even thought the seatbelt sign referred to a boomerang or magician!

If you’re planning to head away somewhere with the kids this weekend, why not play the best car journey of all time or make sure it’s stress-free with our handy travelling tips.

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