Mums responsible for new word entering the dictionary

The updated dictionary sees “mumpreneur” earn a new listing as more women combine business and motherhood.


Modern living and the ever-changing vocabulary of the British public will be celebrated with around 70 new terms making it into the upcoming 11th edition of the Collins English Dictionary. One of the new words we’re most interested in is ‘mumpreneur’ of course!


The newest dictionary defines a ‘mumpreneur’ as a woman who combines running a business with looking after her children – which is a nice change from current editions that often list the word ‘mum’ as meaning ‘silent’ or ‘not speaking’.

Elaine Higgleton, publishing director for Collins English Dictionaries, stated, “The dictionary is really showing how British culture is continuing to evolve”.

It seems the lifestyle of the modern woman has had a notable impact on language. The ever popular exercise class ‘Zumba’, couture led ‘fash pack’ and Facebook inspired ‘unfollow’ all make the new edition. Even ‘planking’ made it in – we blame Jenni Falconer!

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