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Mums should only have two children, says professor

Families should be limited to only two children to help protect the planet, argues parenting expert

A leading expert in family planning is set to tell a conference of GPs that it would be best for the planet if British mums and dads had a maximum of two children. This has come on the same day that a Government minister questioned the right of families on benefit to claim money for lots of children.


Professor John Guillebaud, Emeritus Professor of Reproductive Health and Family Planning, at University College London, will present a paper titled Sex and the world population ‘youthquake’ – a sustainable future?- which will suggest these radical ideas.

“The world is experiencing a 'youthquake'. In Uganda where I went to my first school, 49 per cent of the population is under 15,” Professor Guillebaud explained to the Telegraph.

“In the UK our teenage pregnancy rate remains the worst in Europe.

“GPs rightly play a significant role in preventing unplanned pregnancies, especially among young people, but what about planned pregnancies?

"Shouldn’t we now promote a non-rigid guideline to UK couples that a two child maximum is the greatest contribution anyone can make to a habitable planet for our grandchildren?”

Although controversial in his argument, Professor Guillebaud added that, while the birth rate of babies in Britain has been rising for a number of years (around 790,000 babies are born each year), he doesn’t want to see a regime introduced where either abortions are forced or unplanned pregnancies are looked down on.

"If you remove the barriers and there is readily available contraception, most women choose to have two children or fewer. I reject the Chinese way of coercion, if you give women the choices they generally choose a small family," said Professor Guillebaud.


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