Mums show off their powerful C-section scar tattoos on Instagram

A very creative and personal way to embrace your caesarean scar…


While some of us who give birth via caesarean don’t mind having a scar, others prefer covering them up, decorating them, or even highlighting them.


And a number of these mums have taken to Instagram to share their method of changing their scar: a well-placed, beautifully-designed tattoo directly on top ✊✊✊

Some of them are truly lovely, and some have such inspiring messages behind them, so we thought we’d share a few of our faves below.

The first pic, above, was sent to us by @positively_katiebee on Instagram, for C-section Awareness Month…

She wrote beside it in an Instagram post: “When I was pregnant, planning my all natural homebirth; it never occurred to me that I’d end up in theatre.

“When I was younger, I was like everyone else. I thought a C-section was an easy way out.

“It never crossed my mind that the majority of them are emergencies or done electively due to medical issues picked up in scans.

“And trust me, there is nothing easy about recovering from major abdominal surgery, when you still have a new baby to care for.

“A few years ago I completed the snowdonia marathon with my best friend. We got mountain tattoos to remind us that we can (quite literally) overcome any mountain.

“I’m so proud of my scar and my tiger stripes above it. I worked hard for them. Without that surgery, neither myself or Jake would be here.”


Check out more amazing C-section scar tattoos we’ve seen…

c section scar


The only thing we would say is make sure you’re not planning to get pregnant again – as you wouldn’t want a 2nd c-section to alter the design of your body ink!

Share your C-section scar pic

If you had a c-section, did you get a tattoo over your scar? Or do you prefer leaving it as it is?

If you’ve got pics, we’d really, really love to see them over on Instagram. Just tag ’em using #ThisIsParentingMFM ✌️

Images: Instagram/Katie, Instagram/Edainanir, Instagram/Sammies Tattoo Studio, Instagram/Tatianatatuadora, Instagram/Tattoo Sue, h/t Popsugar

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