Mums spend 92 minutes a day on the internet

Survey finds we’re a nation of online parents, using the web to find essential parenting advice


We mums spend a massive 92 minutes a day on the internet, and we’re not afraid to logbon in the middle of the night to get our fix, a new survey has found.


The survey, by mobile provider Three, found seven out of 10 mums admit to communicating with other parents online more than in person.

The average new mum spends one to two hours each day logged on and chatting to other parents, as well as using social networking sites to find parenting info and advice.

Other common online activities for new mums include looking for family recipes for their brood, using Facebook, checking the weather and finding maps.

While it’s common for mums to steal a few minutes during their little one’s nap time to hit the net, four in ten of us actually turn on the computer in the middle of night.


So, do you hit the 92-minute mark each day? Or are you constantly connection? Let us know how your net use stacks up…


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