Mums-to-be refuse swine flu vaccine

Pregnant women choose not to have swine flu vaccine due to safety fears


Expectant mums are shunning the swine flu vaccine over fears about its safety, a survey of GPs suggests.


The survey found that fewer than half of those within the high-risk groups singled out to receive the jab were taking up the offer. Pregnant women were the most likely to say no.

“In all the pregnant women we’ve offered the vaccine to, I think only about one in 20 has agreed,” said Dr Chris Udenze, a GP from Nottingham. This is despite the risk that mums-to-be are four times more likely to need hospital treatment if they catch the virus.

The survey in Pulse magazine found that many women believed swine flu was too mild to warrant having the vaccine.


However, the Department of Health has rejected concerns about the safety of the swine flu vaccine and say that it’s vital for anyone offered the vaccine to accept it.

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