Mums-to-be should avoid plastics chemicals

Study suggests a link between chemicals and low birth weight


A new study by scientists in China has suggested there could be a link between common chemicals used to soften plastics, known as phthalates, and low birth weight babies. The chemicals can be found in vinyl flooring, children’s toys and cosmetics.


The researchers are unsure of how the chemicals may contribute to low birth weight but say they may interfere with the development of an unborn baby in the first three months after conception.


However, British mums-to-be can rest assured that these chemicals are banned in European cosmetics although it is still important to avoid cleaning products, glues and paints, which also contain phthalates, as much as possible during pregnancy. Opting for eco friendly cleaning products such as Ecover and chemical free paints, such as, Ecos Organic Paints, will help reduce exposure to any chemical nasties.

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