Mum’s warning after daughter’s hat caught on slide almost strangles her

This girl's neck was injured after an Aussie summer hat with cords didn't unfasten under pressure. But it's a good warning for parents everywhere...


A mum’s safety warning about children’s hats with ties or cords has been making the rounds on Facebook – and for good reason.


Gail Oster, a mum from Australia, took to social media to share images of her daughter’s damaged neck after the cords of her summer hat wrapped around her neck after becoming caught on a slide.

You can clearly see in the (very upsetting) pictures that Gail’s little girl has a red, sore-looking mark across her neck, and numerous cuts, caused by the cords.

She’s also shared a picture of the hat her daughter was wearing.


She explained in her post:

“Warning parents!!! My daughter today was hung by her own hat on the slide at school…

“It was a school hat with a QUICK/SAFETY RELEASE CLIP that was suppose to open under pressure, this didn’t happen.

“Please all parents either check your child’s hat that the clip releases under pressure or cut the cord completely off the hat…

“Please if your child has had a injury from a school hat please post pic of child’s injury and the hat label.

“Please and name the supplier thank you…”

Now, school hats with these safety release clips aren’t really worn here in the UK, though they are worn frequently in Australia as a way to protect children from the sun.

But here at MFM we wanted to share Gail’s warning anyway – as it could also apply to children’s winter hats with cords or even tassels that can be tied.

We reckon it’s certainly important to keep an eye out, and make sure to always tuck long ties / cords into coats to stop them getting entangled on any playground gear.

The original Facebook post was shared on 16 February, so we hope this little girl is now well on her way to recovery ?

Images: Facebook/Gail Oster

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