Mums’ work worth £37,000 a year

Ever felt under valued for all your work at home? A recent study has calculated that the typical mum, if she were paid for her duties, would earn a salary of £37,000 a year for her exhausting 71-hour week


Back in March we reported that mums’ work at home was worth £30,000 a year, but a recent study carried out by mobile phone network Three has worked out that the average mum is now worth a staggering £37,000 a year.


The nationwide study of 3,000 mothers has calculated that the typical mum spends more than 10 hours a day looking after her family, totting up to a shattering 71 hours every week. This makes her working week longer than that of a junior doctor, which is often seen as one of the most demanding professions.

Cleaning and cooking are the biggest drain on a mothers time, taking up 69 minutes each, according to the study. She also spends 63 minutes tidying up, 61 minutes doing the laundry and 55 minutes getting kids ready for school or nursery.

After a mammoth 10 hour day, 83% of mums are left with less than an hour of “me time” and a third get fewer than six hours sleep every night, the study reveals.

Only one in six mothers say they are happy, but more than half of them believe they would be content if they had just an hour extra every day to relax. And on top of everything, lots of modern mums have a full-time or part-time job to worry about as well as looking after their families.

As our very own Daniella Delaney, Practical Parenting and Pregnancy magazine’s Editor, said, “When you’ve got a young child at home you’re constantly on the go and it’s a job that mums rarely get any thanks or recognition for. They’re the unsung heroines of our world.”

So mums, take a bit of time out of your busy schedule to treat yourself, and maybe get your other half to give you a helping hand in the kitchen, just like Daddy Beckham did earlier this week…

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