Muse frontman Matt Bellamy goes on ‘paternity leave’

Matt Bellamy hands over songwriting duties as he’s busy preparing for the birth of his first baby with Kate Hudson


Muse’s Matt Bellamy has started preparing for his baby’s arrival by handing over his song writing duties to band mate Chris Wolstenholme.


Both Matt and his pregnant fiancee Kate Hudson has been living the jet-set lifestyle since she found out she was expecting, so the pair have decided to slow things down and get ready for their baby, due in July.

Although songwriting is off Matt’s hands, it hasn’t stopped him planning his next album – with his baby in mind!

“I’m already getting the vibraphone out and the Wurlitzer – these nice sort of twinkling, mellow sounds make the baby kick!” Matt said. “I’ve got a feeling I’ll incorporate those sounds into the next album,” Matt added.

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