‘My unborn baby saved my life’

Pregnancy hormones 'killed' Nicola Weller’s tumour


Nicola Weller’s unborn baby saved her life after, incredibly, her pregnancy hormones destroyed the cancerous tumour that was growing in her womb.


And what is even more amazing is that her pregnancy was unplanned, and Nicola had no idea she was expecting.

Nicola’s doctor first discovered the tumour in her womb in 2010 after she felt a swelling under her ribs. She was referred to get a scan before the surgery to remove it.

But when she went to get the scan, what the medical staff saw shocked them – and Nicola. She was seven weeks pregnant, and the pregnancy hormones had disintegrated the tumour.

“It was absolutely unbelievable,” Nicola told the MailOnline. “I hadn’t planned to get pregnant and I’d had the contraceptive coil fitted.

“So getting pregnant was a miracle in itself – but to find that my unborn baby had caused this tumour to disappear was a further miracle.

“My baby ended up saving my life. Without him, I may not have been here today.”

Nicola, who also has a daughter, Alisha, aged 8, remembered how devastating it was when she first found out about the tumour. “My world just fell apart,” she said. “My daughter was 4 years old then, and I was being told that I was facing cancer. It was terrifying to think that I might leave her without a mum.

“We’ve had family members who have battled with cancer and there hasn’t been a happy ending. To me, cancer has always meant chemotherapy treatment and losing people you love. It never occurred to me that a tumour could literally disappear overnight.”

Throughout Nicola’s pregnancy, she was monitored closely but the tumour never returned. “All that was left it on the scan was a few blobs of blood floating around,” she said. “There was no other sign of it.”

Brandon, now 3, was born in September 2010, weighing 7lbs 8oz.

“It was a relief when he was born,” Nicola said, “and it was lovely to meet and hold my wonderful son who had saved me. He was delivered with his right arm pointing forwards, so we nicknamed him Superman.

“And he really is a Superman, after saving my life.”

“One day when he’s old enough to understand, I’ll tell him how he saved his mummy’s life. Alisha understands what has happened and she’s very grateful to him, too. She dotes on her little brother.”

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