Myleene speaks out against childrens’ party gift craze

Celeb mum tweets anger at luxury birthday lists for children


Gone are the days when all a child wanted for her birthday party was a pointy hat, caterpillar cake and a frenzied round of musical chairs.


Now, if Myleene Klass’ tweets are anything to go by, six-year-old birthdays come complete with their own wedding-style gift lists requesting all manner of luxury goods.

“What’s this new craze of being asked to contribute to ipads/wiis for 6yr old birthdays?!,” Myleene, mother to  Ava, 5 Hero, 1 posted.

“What happened to accepting what you’re given, feigning excitement n learning its about who’s there, not what they come with? #6yroldparties

After receiving a flood of responses defending technology for kids, she clarified, “I’m not against technology guys, I’m against mums being pressurised and kids being spoilt brats. *Buys crayons, scrawls ffs on sofa*”

FFS indeed Ms Klass, we’ve done our time feigning excitement when a well-meaning friend proffered an unsuitable gift, so shouldn’t this generation too?

We commend Myleene on her down-to-earth attitude to children’s gifts, especially as old the cliché about them preferring to play with the box normally turns out to be true…


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