Myleene tries X-Factor to kick-start labour

The singer hoped loud music would coax her new daughter to arrive

Myleene Klass took her eldest daughter, Ava, to see the X Factor tour this week, hoping the live dance music would bring on labour. But it seems Myleene’s baby girl isn’t ready to enter the world just yet.


“I thought the thumping bass would kick-start labour. Nada,” the 32-year-old wrote on her Twitter page.

Myleene’s fiancé, Graham Quinn, also revealed that their new baby was due any day now, “All is good here. New baby be here very soon,” he admitted on Twitter.

To satisfy her cravings, Myleene said that she has been eating lots of cheese, peanut butter, Marmite and tangerines.

She also revealed that Ava was a fan of X Factor finalist, Cher Lloyd, “Ava loving ‘the girl with the red hair,’ Cher.”


We wonder if Myleene’s two daughters will be as musical as their mum?

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