Mystery man saves baby from drowning

Baby Imogen’s mother wants to thank the man who saved her daughter’s life


Beckie Thompson’s car overturned in a water-filled ditch when she was driving in Cornwall. When she and her daughter were pulled out, baby Imogen was “blue and lifeless”, but a man resuscitated her and she started breathing again.


Beckie, 21, was hysterical when she saw Imogen looking lifeless, and a woman passing by stopped to help.

Witnesses said that baby Imogen had been underwater for four minutes.

Beckie said: “She laid her on the riverbank, and a lad, luckily, just laid her out and started doing CPR. He was crying, he was very upset. To be honest I don’t think anybody expected her to wake up. But the man kept trying for a good two or three minutes.

“Then she made a noise and started to cry a little but more, but he kept going until she was screaming,” Becky said. “The emergency services said that if she’s crying, that’s the best sign she can give.”

Beckie and Imogen went to hospital without getting the chance to find out the man’s name or thank him. “I owe her life to him so I’m really grateful,” she said. “He’s left no information or anything with the police or anything, so I just want him to know that he did save her life, and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have a little girl any more.”

Becky, a trainee nurse, had been driving Imogen to nursery when it happened.

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