Bake Off’s Nadiya says she feeds her daughter in the bath

And it's amazing how one throwaway parenting comment can cause such interest...


It’s fair to say nothing is guaranteed to stir up a parental debate like a food/feeding issue.


And it seems even celebs aren’t immune from causing a bit of cat among pigeon-style controversy, too! 

So who has upset the apple (biscuit/fizzy drink) cart this time? Former Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain, that’s who.

But the rumpus isn’t so much about what she feeds her kids – but where! 

The Guardian reports that she commented on the set of her new BBC show, The Big Family Cooking Showdown, that she feeds her little girl, Maryam, in the bath!

“If [my daughter, aged 7] is a little bit peckish but needs to have a bath, we kind of do both at the same time, so we get in the bath and have some cereal, and it’s all done,” the mum-of-3 confided.

It would seem though that her comment hasn’t proved to be as popular as her show-stopping baking skills, with one feeding consultant branding bath-time eating ‘dangerous’ because of choking hazards, and online commenters branding Nadiya both ‘selfish’ and a poor parent. (Er, really?)

Let’s get a bit of perspective here, yeah?

She hasn’t said she’s feeding all her children every meal in the bath, she hasn’t even said it’s a regular thing – just something she does if her daughter is a ‘little bit peckish’ at bath time.

One MFM writer even admits she fed her son in the bath every time he was having a ‘messy’ meal like bolognese.

So, it’s hardly the end of the word, right?

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We would love to know what you think, though. Do you let your children have food in the bath tub? Do you think it is a great time saver?

Or do you think that children need the discipline of sitting at the table every meal time? Or perhaps even that it’s unhygienic to eat in the bathroom?

Do let us know in comments or on Facebook.

Image: Nadiya Hussain/Instagram

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