Name of Penelope Cruz’s baby accidentally revealed!

Filmmaker Santiago Segura accidentally reveals the name of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem’s newborn baby boy

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem’s baby’s name has accidentally been revealed by Spanish filmmaker Santiago Segura at a recent press conference.


The Oscar-winning couple had not yet revealed their newborn’s name to the press and had planned on keeping it under wraps.

Santiago accidentally blurted out the name as he was giving reporters a telling off for hounding him for info on Penelope, Javier and their new baby.

“I know what you want and you don’t understand why they don’t come running to show off the baby and say, ‘Look, here’s Leo,’” Santiago unwittingly said.

When the press asked further about the name, Santiago tried to play down his comment and responded, “Yeah, Leo, I think so. That’s what I think I heard. But they haven’t said anything.”


Oops! It looks like Santiago will be the one getting the telling off now…

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