Kanye West

Dad-to-be Kanye West joked that he and pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian should name their child 'North' - North West, get it?


While those two debate the hilarity of naming their child after a compass, we think up some other celebrity baby names that should probably never happen...


Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are yet to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet, but Jessica has often joked that people think the name 'Batmo' would work well if her child was to keep her surname...


Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson and fiance Eric Johnson have a daughter called Maxell. The pregnant star recently revealed she's expecting a boy this time around, so we think Bart and Homer should probably stay off the table.


Lily Cooper

Lily Allen, now Lily Cooper, kept tight lipped about her first-born daughter's name. While Lily had chosen Ethel Mary, rumours were rife she'd go for Mini. We're glad you didn't, Lil!


Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

Jay-Z and Beyonce may have made 'Blue' a world famous name, but we think if Megan and Brian ever add another child to their brood, Blue Green won't quite work. Although, having topped the list of celebrity baby names with Noah, this pair should be ok.


Sharon Stone

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopleman said it was easy to fix on the name of their baby girl - after being told their unborn baby was roughly the size of an olive, the name stuck. Thank goodness Sharon Stone never opted to name one of her adopted children Olive.


Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton got a bit of stick for calling her son Rex Rayne (we rather love it!), but we think it could have been a whole lot worse if she'd taken inspiration from singer Alisha Keys who called her son Egypt.


Orlando Bloom

Ah, the temptation to go for a floral name must have been just so tempting. With Rose being an ever more popular name, Rose Bloom could have been just lovely - if not a bit too much. Luckily, Orlando and wife Miranda had a boy and called him Flynn.