Natasha Hamilton shares first pic of baby Ella

Ritchie Neville says he absolutely loved Natasha's water birth and 'life will never be the same again'


New mum Natasha Hamilton has had her very first photo session with baby Ella Rose – and revealed that she had a water birth at home. Boyfriend Ritchie Neville, who took his shirt off to join Natasha and his new baby for the shoot, has admitted he was left awestruck by the labour and, especially, by the moment baby Ella was born.


The Atomic Kitten singer gave birth to her first daughter, Ella Rose Neville, on September 22 with Ritchie by her side.

“The night she was born was genuinely the best night of my life, and one that I will treasure forever, watching that little baby come out from the water,” he told OK! magazine. “I absolutely loved it and life will never be the same again.”

Ritchie may have loved the labour but we’re not sure the same can be said for Natasha – to begin with at least! It all kicked off a week before the actual birth with a labour scare during Kerry Katona’s wedding to George Kay.

“I was dancing to Michael Jackson and I just got this weird feeling from the base of my spine right up to the back of my head,” Natasha said. “I felt really dizzy and hot and I walked over to Ritchie and burst out crying and said I wanted to go home.

It turned out that she was 2cm to 3cm dilated. “The nurse said to me: ‘It looks like you’re going to have your baby here!’” said Natasha.

But it didn’t turn out that way at all. “It eventually took another week after that for her to arrive,” said Natasha.”We got home [from hospital] on the Monday, and Ella arrived the following Monday!”

When Ella eventually decided to make her appearance, Natasha was labouring a blow-up water pool in her living room. “We were both in tears,” she said, “and I stayed in the pool for a while with Ritch sitting outside it next to me.”


Since Ella was born, Natasha, now a mum-of-4, has been battling through the tough early days of breastfeeding.

“Just fed Ella non stop for the past 2 hours,” she tweeted. “Breastfeeding is one of the most rewarding things as a mum but at times can be tough #lanolin”

But, sore nipples aside, there’s no doubting her new-mum bliss. “Someone is enjoying a very long nap on mummy,” she tweeted along with this lovely selfie (above). “Absolutely adore our little girl #preciousmoments”

Photos: Twitter / Natasha Hamilton and OK! magazine

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