Natasha Hamilton’s crazy first week with baby Ella

The Atomic Kitten singer has been eating her placenta, taking her son to A&E and, obvs, getting up for night feeds…


She only gave birth to baby Ella last week but it seems mum-of-4 Natasha Hamilton has been having a hectic time of it in the last few days. First off, her decision to stick by her plan to eat her own placenta and have it made into capsules has been attracting criticism.


Natasha reckons it’s “nourishing” but it seems her preference for this controversial practice has been attracting negative comments. “If people read up and educated themselves in things they neither know or understand, they’d stop making idiotic comments ‪#placentaencapsulation,” she tweeted.

Well, that told them!

But then Natasha’s 3-year-old son Alfie broke his arm and the family had to dash to to A&E.

“Absolute nightmare of a day!” Natasha tweeted. “Poor Alfie in hospital after breaking arm & been juggling looking after him & feeding Ella in A&E all day!”

When she had to leave Alfie in hospital and take baby Ella home, Natasha had a heavy dose of mum-guilt: “My emotions are all over the place, wanting to stay with him but not being able to as too many poorly kids for Ella to b around ‪#tornmummy” 

And did she get to have have a long rest after all that drama? No chance! At 1am this morning, Natasha was up for night feeds.

“Hi to any1 doing the night feeds right now. Yawn! That’s how I feel right now – but wouldn’t have it any other way,” she tweeted.

Aww. Hope you get some sleep soon, Natasha!

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