Nausea in pregnancy could be a good sign

Mums-to-be who experience morning sickness may have a lower risk of miscarriage


Morning sickness has been linked to healthier pregnancies by a new study in the US.  Researchers found that mums-to-be who suffered nausea during their pregnancies were less likely to miscarry and that the link seemed stronger for older mums.


The longer mums-to-be had the symptoms also seemed to be connected to a lower likelihood of miscarriage. However, the study could not prove that morning sickness improved pregnancy health, only that there was a link between two. The study’s team also pointed out no morning sickness didn’t mean you should worry.

“Some say nausea and vomiting in pregnancy is a mechanism to help improve the quality of a pregnant woman’s diet,” said Dr Ronna L. Chan, who led the study. But although she agreed this was a plausible idea, she also suggested that the morning sickness could be a sign of the woman’s sensitivity to the hormones that help her sustain a healthy pregnancy.


If you are struggling with morning sickness, take it as a good sign! And check out our tips to beating the nausea.

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